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Launching A True Challenger Brand

It’s not often a brand has a single partner for their entire life. We’re honored to say we were with Virgin America from wheels up in 2008 to their last hurrah in 2017. Together, we banished mediocrity from the skies, recruited Flydealists, and delivered a breath of fresh airline. It was an epic journey—with just the right mood lighting.

To challenge the category, we built a brand playbook that pulled from entertainment, not airlines: PR-worthy stunts, city takeovers, celebrity-fueled market launches, and influencer-seeded content. All of it targeted to the urban “creative class” we identified for the brand.


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These ridiculous shoes are the future of footwear.


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The viral launch of BLAH Airlines earlier this year is a great example. With some imagination and subtlety, our team was able to get one over on the competition—without mentioning any company by name


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